Q:  How much does a pool cost?
A:  A basic pool from Waters Edge Custom Pools starts around $25,000. There is virtually an endless amount of possibilities as to the type of pool we can build for you, so establishing the exact cost is unknown until we have determined the size, shape, features, etc. During our initial meeting we will establish these parameters prepare a customized quote that reflects your individual project's cost. We work with each customer to deliver a product that meets your individual taste as well as budget considerations.


Q:  How much money is required down to start the project?
A:  Waters Edge Custom Pools only requires a small down payment to start the permit process of your project. Once we have a signed construction agreement we start immediately to finalize design and submit for permits.


Q:  How long does it take to get a permit?
A:  Generally speaking it takes between one and three weeks from the submittal date to receive a swimming pool building permit. There are many factors that influence the permit issuance time including your electrical provider and city in which the project is located, scope of work to be completed, homeowners associations and the time of year.


Q:  How long will it take to build our pool?
A:  In general it takes between four and eight weeks to build a pool. The complexity of the project, the amenities included (landscaping, retaining walls, fireplaces, BBQ's, pergolas), product availability and weather conditions all play a role in determining completion time. Rest assured that Waters Edge Custom Pools will work diligently to complete your project in the least amount of time required.


Q:  How long does it take to fill up our pool?
A:  It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. City water vs. well, pressure at the nozzle and size of the pool are all elements that will determine fill time. The pool filling process is initiated immediately after a plaster finish is applied and continues uninterrupted until he pool is filled entirely. A specialty finish (Stone Scapes, Durrazo, Pebble Tec, etc…) is much different as it requires an acid wash the day following application, and then the filling process starts. Filling your pool is an important step in the construction process and needs to be done correctly (uninterrupted) to eliminate finish problems.


Q:  Will we need a pool service to maintain our pool?
A:  This really depends on the time you have to spend on pool maintenance. On average it should only take about a half hour or so per week to monitor, brush, empty skimmer baskets as well as debris bags and adjust chemical levels. Periodically, cleaning filters and other chemical delivery systems will be necessary. Your pool is a big investment and requires routine maintenance to keep it looking and performing perfectly. If you are unable to take on the responsibility then a professional pool service may be required.


Q:  What sort of warranty does Waters Edge Custom Pools offer?
A:  We believe our warranty is the best in the industry. Your pool Gunite shell has a lifetime warranty. The finish on your pool will be covered for one year depending on the type of finish you choose. The pool equipment is backed by an industry-leading manufacturer three-year warranty. The overall general project is covered by a complete one-year warranty. Additional project features such as structures, landscaping and concrete carry their own individual warranty periods.


Q:  How do I know what type of pool would work in my backyard?
A Waters Edge Custom Pools sales/design consultant will help you design the perfect pool for your needs. With your input and the expectations in  mind, we'll put together a pool and equipment package that meets or exceeds your expectations.


Q:  Salt or Chlorine?
Both are excellent sanitizers.  The salt water is considered to be a comfortable swimming environment.  Salt will not irritate your skin or  eyes.  Salt does not fade your swimwear and provides a “soft water” feel to your pool water.  Salt has been known to cause corrosion to some of the softer stones and coping.  This can usually be prevented by sealing your coping and deck.  Salt systems do not produce chlorine in cold water below 52 degrees Fahrenheit and chlorine tabs may be used as a back up sanitizer.  Chlorine is an excellent sanitizer, but has been know to irritate skin and eyes.